Mary Clark

Mary is the chief hearing officer/advisor and assistant installer of GWC Looping.  Mary has had a hearing loss since birth, and worn a hearing aid since she was 5 years old. In spite of a severe hearing loss, she completed school, worked in a variety of fields, and most recently volunteered with the Hearing Loss Association of America. She has served at the local and state level, and participated in workshops, curriculum development, and delivered training at the state and national level on topics related to hearing loss.  After 28 years with her prior employer, a forced early retirement has provided this unique opportunity, and she is excited and eager to help promote induction loops for others with hearing loss.

Graduate of HAT Training (Hearing Assistive Technology) offered through HLAA with a grant from RERC (Rehabilitative Engineering Research Center)
Guest lecturer at Aural Rehabilitation Class at California State University Fullerton
Member of CEPIN team that developed curriculum for Disaster Preparedness training for people with disabilities for the Department of Homeland Security

Gave many workshops for both hearing audiences and audiences with hearing loss
Hearing Loss in the Workplace
Disaster Preparedness for People With Hearing Loss
Hearing Loss in the Healthcare Setting
Assisted Kaiser Permanente in development of handbook on culturally competent care for patients with hearing loss

Mary is a graduate of the Hearing Loss Association of America's American Academy of Hearing Loss Support Specialists program. 

After retirement from the corporate world in 2010, Gary and Mary relocated from Southern California to the Albuquerque, New Mexico area where they are truly enjoying exploring life in the "Land of Enchantment." When not looping, they may be found cruising the area on their CanAm Spyder.

Gary Clark
Gary is the owner, operator, installer, gopher and chief technology geek of GWC Looping.

While not yet suffering from a measurable hearing loss, he has been involved with the hearing loss community for over 35 years.  During this time, he has developed solutions to particular needs identified by those with various degrees of hearing loss.  These include loop installations, remote meeting setups, cutomizing FM systems for multiple users, and video/audio conferencing.  GWC Looping was created to continue assisting those with hearing loss as they cope with everyday life and to provide new technological solutions to hearing loss wherever possible.

Gary is a graduate of the Hearing Loss Association of America's American Academy of Hearing Loss Support Specialists program.

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